My World

IMG_2387 In Liberia, February 2008, with Isaac Dweh, Phil Burnham and Isaac George

CIMG0382In Thailand, June 2008, with CLC Leaders from around the world

Thrilla in Manila In Manila, Philipines, February 2007 with CLC English Language National Directors

Moscow with NeilWith Neil Wardrope in Moscow, February 2006

Moscow store dedicationDedicating the CLC store in Moscow, February 2006

2 responses to “My World

  1. Mark, you seems like a really nice guy. I’m writing to ask for your help. Like you, I’m a died in the wool Reformed Presbyterian (my church is Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis. Perhaps you’ve heard of us. I’m a 35 year member. And yes, I tithe. Mark, I’ve opened up a new door, a new avenue of reaching non-Christians with a Christian message. Christian Murder Mysteries. Before you laugh, please consider that they’re won some major awards and a movie is being made based on the first in the series, The Rector–A Christian Murder Mystery. How could you help? Well, as publisher of P&R you could assign a staff writer to cover this new genre. I’m trying to reach believers and non-believers with entertainment that educates with aspects of the reformed faith. e.g., Martha asks the rector, “If God is sovereign, where does evil come from?” He answers straight from the lips of R.C. Sproul, or more accurately, from Romans 8. There’s also a discussion of the soul. It was George McDonald, not C.S. Lewis, who wrote, “We don’t have a soul. We are a soul. We happen to have a body.”
    Could you please help me?

    • davealmack

      Dear Michael,

      My name is Dave, not Mark and I am the new Acquisitions Director for P&R Publishing, not the Publisher. Glad to hear that you liked my writing. Feel free to submit your work via our website for consideration and may God bless you in your writing.

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