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May be an image of outdoors I am Dave Almack, and FaithLit is my blog. I  am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a lover of great Christian books. It is my privilege to serve as the Acquisitions Director for P&R Publishing , to be the husband of my best friend and the father of two boys. I love the city of Philadelphia and all its sports teams, and I also happen to be a fan of the Tottenham Hotspurs football team in the UK—go figure. I grew up as a missionary kid in the West Indies, which may explain my love for Premier League soccer and my desire to retire to an island one day.

I never thought I would one day be a missionary myself, but that is what I was for twenty two years while I served with CLC International. I am now working with a publishing house and thrilled to be able to help select the books and authors that will impact generations to come.  My life has been one great big adventure: from leaving the USA as a 10-month-old to going to boarding school at the age of 15, to visiting over twenty three countries around the world as an adult.

One thing I have learned: I have found contentment and true fulfillment in only one place—where the will of God and my gifting intersect. It’s awesome to be in the place where God can use me exactly as He made me to be. Right now that is with P&R Publishing where I work with a talented team of people committed to publishing books that  produce clear, engaging, fresh, and insightful applications of Reformed theology to life. What a crazy and yet amazing life I have been given.

In 2016, I had the privilege of self publishing my first book entitled, The Bookstore that Matters.  I hope that it can be an encouragement and inspiration to Christian retailers who toil on the front lines of ministry every day.

7 responses to “About Me

  1. Neil Paez

    Go ahead brother… Looking forward to read your blog…!!!
    Thank you for being passionate about printing page.

  2. Stephen Chapman

    I’ll have to check back again. I like your picture!

  3. Dear Dave, I have read your article: I Love my Local Christian Bookstore” congratulations!! You have expressed very well what in fact is (or must be) a local Christian bookstore. May the Lord aloud all our CLC fellows to be conscious about the high important ministry He have given us, and may be still will be the same for a long time ahead.

    Also, it shows that you know very well what is going on in a Christian bookstore. I hope all our people, mostly our leaders, know in their own experience of life what is about inside a Christian bookstore.

    Arturo Rojas

  4. John from Marseille

    Hey ! Great blog friend ! Good to get some news from you this way ! Strength and courage in Christ for your great ministry ! Blessings,
    John your old pal from Marseille (France)

  5. I like the design for your blog I have the exact same one on my blog. I like when you call yourself a missionary through books . I also have book review blog at wordpress in the website address.

  6. Excellent blog Dave! It was great to meet You Satuday at NCCC in Somers Point.

  7. Hello Dave. I am editing a Christian book about a refugee from the Liberian civil war. Is there any chance we could obtain permission to use your photo of Providence Baptist Church in our book? Thanks for your consideration! goodword@benediction.biz

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