Little is Much When God is Involved

IMG_0143Bob was excited to show me his pictures. As I looked at them, I was reminded once again how God can use even the smallest things to accomplish His greater purposes. Deb and I were in Lancaster County again this weekend at Westminster Presbyterian Church’s annual mission’s conference where we host a mega book table. Bob is on the Great Commission Committee of this church and has been a fan or our ministry for some time. These pictures were the proof that CLC really is a unique organization and that our partnership with this particular church had reached a new level.IMG_0146

Several months before, Bob had contacted me about a problem he had and wanted to know if we could help. A Burmese refugee named David had been attending their church for a while and Bob had been getting to know him. As David’s English improved and their friendship developed, he began to tell Bob about the courageous work that his sister was doing in Myanmar (Burma) with orphans and how she was a Christian with very limited resources. Eventually, Bob decided that he and the church would do something to help David’s sister and discovered that she really needed Bibles in the Burmese language and Christian books. His first thought was to connect with Multi-Language Media as they likely had Burmese Bibles in stock and then he realized that this might not be the best plan after all. These Bibles were going to be very expensive to ship to Myanmar and they would probably never make it through customs.

This was when Bob called me. He had suddenly realized that I had mentioned CLC’s work in Myanmar on our last visit to the church. It was a long shot, but he wondered if we could have our local team deliver the Bibles and books to this woman if they provided the funds. After contacting Jacob, the leader of our work, it became clear that this would not be a problem. In fact, by purchasing these items through CLC in Myanmar itself, Bob and his church were able to fund a far larger number of books and Bibles. Just a few weeks ago, I got confirmation that these items had been delivered and Bob was delighted. His pictures showed the large number of titles that she had received in addition to 50 Bibles. David’s sister was very happy too and was going to be able to use these resources immediately in her ministry.

Jacob-Mung-600As I reflected on this story, I was reminded once again that “little is much” when God is involved. Jacob and his team have done a remarkable work in Myanmar over the last twenty years and have been directly involved in publishing over half of all the Christian literature available in the Burmese language. Today, he and his intrepid team are embarked on their biggest project to date. They are involved in a multi-year partnership with the Langham Literature Publisher Development Program in the UK to produce the first ever Burmese Study Bible. This will be a real game changer for the church in Myanmar when it is finally completed.

Being a link in the chain to get the books and Bibles to David’s sister in Myanmar is small part of my job and yet it some of the most important work I do. It is my joy and privilege to connect people to Christian resources in nations all over the world. Who knows how what impact these items will have for eternity. This next week, I am gearing up for my fourth trip to West Africa and I know that God is going to open doors once again. CLC is sponsoring a pastor’s conference in Monrovia, Liberia with hands on training and resources being provided to every attendee. I can’t wait to see the faces of my brothers and sisters who value Christian books so much, because for some, this is the only seminary training they will ever receive.

photo 22


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