My Epic Panama Adventure

So this week, I had the adventure of a lifetime as I was able to take my son Mike with me to visit my brother and his family who live in Panama.  Here are some pictures of our time in paradise (or so I am told).

#15We arrived after an uneventful flight from Houston and loved the warm air that welcomed us to the tropics.

#12Mike was ready for our hike on the first day and enjoyed seeing his cousins again

#7After a vigorous hike, we reached an overlook and had an amazing view of the city

#10Panama City is a really big place and growing larger all the time

#17CLC’s store at the Albrook Mall is one of the nicest in the world.

#9What a joy to see Milton and Marisol Cheng again.

#11It was a delight to meet one of our customers purchasing a book that we first produced in English in the USA.

#5No visit to Panama would be complete without a visit to the Canal – one of the wonders of the world.

#18Being a good literature missionary, I did have to find an appropriate place to read.

#19Jim and I enjoyed some very tart lemonades and yes that was our “actual” view.

#21Nobody can tell that we are brothers since we look so different.

#16Given that this was an educational trip for Mike, he was required to order his own lunch in Spanish and did a great job.

#3In the middle of the week, we traveled to the incredibly beautiful city of El Valle de Anton

#14The color of the flowers was stunning

#4Mike got to zip line for the first time

#2I got to ride a horse for the first time

#6Mike loved exploring the outdoors

#13I tested out the many rickety bridges

#20Jim and his beautiful family

#22Mike and his cousins – always the protector.

#1One of my favorite pictures from this week and a reminder of God’s incredible creativity.



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2 responses to “My Epic Panama Adventure

  1. Marge Almack

    And a good time was had by all! What an amazing experience the LORD gave you and Mike. Love all the pictures!

  2. Liz Patten

    Absolutely beautiful! glad you had a great vacation!

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