Honoring Dr. Myles Munroe

myles munroeI am still in shock as I write this week. Last night as I was checking Facebook I saw the first indication that something terrible had happened. Initially, I thought and hoped that it was some kind of hoax, but as I started watching my newsfeed, it became all too clear that one of God’s special servants had died in a plane crash. Dr. Myles Munroe and his dear wife had gone home to meet their maker far too early and in such a tragic and unexpected way. He may be gone now, but his legacy and his writing will live on far beyond his lifetime.

There are very few Christian authors who are so widely loved and greatly admired in so many nations around the world. As I have traveled to countries in Africa, Asia and South America I have almost always found his books featured and included in the best seller lists in various languages. He wrote onpower of praise important topics like relationships, marriage and prayer. What he will be best known for, however, was his writing on leadership, purpose and kingdom principles. He was an inspiration and a motivator to hundreds of thousands of people in America, Africa and the Caribbean. He may be one of the best known International Christian authors selling in America today and yet is far better known around the world.

He was a graduate of Oral Roberts University and founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries International. Though he was a dynamic Pentecostal preacher, he was also appreciated by people of many other evangelical perspectives and was a speaker for Promise Keepers. His impact is being remembered today by people as diverse as Dave Ramsey, Priscilla Shirer and Samuel Rodriguez (President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference).

As a new Christian retailer working in an urban context in the late 1990s, I was immediately impacted by his writing as so many of my customers asked for his books and commented on how much they appreciated him. In more recent years, I was deeply impressed when he agreed to be the keynote speaker for one of my friend’s regional organizations despite his International notoriety and then returned again and again. Whenever I would travel to visit CLC locations around the world, I would often ask our team members what authors they appreciated, read and recommended and very often Dr. Myles Munroe topped the list.

In thinking about how to honor him and his legacy, I have a feeling he what he would most appreciate is for people to live out the principles that he wrote so much about. As we understand our true purpose and power as believers in Jesus Christ and live as Kingdom builders, we will remind people why this man from the Bahamas was so important. He was a Kingdom builder and a leader who lived what he spoke and wrote about. I pray that many more Christian leaders will do the same and honor their Savior the way that he did.


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