The Joy of Writing My Story

road tripWhat began as a road trip has now spanned five years of my life.  I originally began writing this blog as a means to document my travels through the southern United States with an intrepid team of coworkers.  We had lots of fun, took a lot of pictures, met a number of authors and discovered places that were both remote and stunningly beautiful.  Never did I dream that the idea of sharing my life, my travels and my occasional insights would turn into a habit that has now shaped my life.  I certainly could not have conceived of doing it for five years.

Some have asked how I have kept at it for so long.  Others have wondered how I have been able to be so consistent and still others have pondered how I still have anything to write about after all this time.  The only thing I can say is that it has become a joy and not a burden.  As each week unfolds, I pray about what I might write and I trust God to inspire me.  Interestingly, He has never failed.  No matter how uninspired I may feel leading up to my time to write; somehow that prayer is always answered.  What I have discovered is that simple idea my grandparents used to talk about – being “reasonably” obedient.  My job has been to make the time and when I have done that, the words have not been difficult to write.  As I told someone recently, writing is now a labor of love for me and not a chore.

One of my favorite quotes of this past year was by Seth Godin in Brad Lomenick’s new book, The Catalyst Leader,

“Instead of wondering what your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” 

For many people, life seems so ordinary that it barely seems worth mentioning or pondering much at all.  I have been blessed to live a life that is nothing short of extraordinary.  Growing up a missionary kid was not my choice, but shaped it me in immeasurable ways.  Though I was sorely tempted to pursue a life of safety and security as an adult, God had other plans.  He wanted me to experience the life He had planned for me before I was even born.  Surrendering to His will for me has given me a lifetime of material to write about.  I can truthfully say that I have never had a boring day since and the adventure just keeps on getting more interesting by the year.

As I write this week, I am sobered by the reality that several saints went home to be with their heavenly father in the past week.  Each lived a radically different life.  At the midpoint (or maybe slightly past it) of my life now, I have begun to think more about what my life will mean to others when I am gone. What contribution have I really made?  Have I really made this world a better place and touched people’s lives in a meaningful way?  I probably really won’t fully know the answers to those questions until I reach Heaven’s shores one day.

What I do know is this; God is on the move and is working in a mighty way in our world.  Chaos may seem to be in charge, but even the uncertainty we face and the horror of death and destruction will come to an end one day.   He is sovereign and I can choose to be a part of His plan or not.

This week I am getting ready for another road trip or should I say plane trip.  I will be heading to Liberia, Sierra Leone and England and will be gone for two weeks.  In each place, I will have the unique privilege of seeing God at work.  In Liberia, I will help to co-host a Pastor’s Conference in a city devastated by war and now in full blown recovery.  It was just two years ago that I traveled to Monrovia with a dream of seeing our bookstore re-opened and now I will be able to see it in person and meet our dedicated team members.  While I will be taking a brief hiatus from writing this blog, I will certainly have much to share when I get back.  The adventure of my life continues on one story at a time.  I can’t wait to see what God has in mind for the next chapter.


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