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conference 2012

One of the great joys of my life has been to work alongside the amazing people that serve in CLC USA each and every day.  For the last eight years it has been my privilege and deeply humbling experience to be their leader and to watch our ministry grow and develop.  This weekend I was re-elected by these dedicated servants to serve them as the National Director for another four years.  I can’t imagine a more challenging or exciting task that the Lord has called and prepared me for.

Each year we have an annual team gathering that we call “conference”.  CLC USA has been holding this event for over 50  years and a lot has changed in that time.  While the world that we live in today would seem very strange to those very first conference attendees, our purpose and core values would be very familiar.   Our books, people and methods have changed, but our commitment to the spread of the gospel through Christian literature remains rock solid.  As we gather again this weekend to have celebrate what God has done in our midst during this past year and dream about the future, we do so on the foundation of sacrifice, fellowship, holiness and faith that have sustained this ministry for over 70 years.

I will be posting pictures from this dynamic time together as a extra blog post next Wednesday.


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