Pics from Liberia

Here are some pictures from my time in Liberia last week.  Enjoy.

Our team meeting with former CLCer’s Isaac George and Isaac Dweh

Mark Ridenour and me with the two Isaacs

A busy street in Jo-Bar

The market in Jo-Bar

New buildings have sprung up all over Monrovia in the last four years.

All the Bibles currently available from the Bible Society

Newly paved and properly striped streets – lots of motorcycles everywhere.

The CenterPoint Christian library on Camp Johnson Road

Inside the CenterPoint Library

Providence Baptist Church where the nation of Liberia was founded.

Our team with Pastor Samuel Reeves of Providence Baptist

Newly built retail space on Buchanan Street

Even amputees can enjoy playing soccer in Liberia.

Older buildings have now been painted, cleaned up and repaired in the downtown area.

The only other fully functioning Christian bookstore that we discovered in Liberia.

Great selection of books, but overpriced for the typical Liberian.

A secular bookstore selling text books on Camp Johnson Road

Inside Longman’s Bookstore – it even had air conditioning.

Isaac Dweh and me

Inside the AG church where I preached on Sunday



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3 responses to “Pics from Liberia

  1. Marge Almack

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Loved the one of you and Isaac Dweh. So glad he is coming back to CLC!

  2. Sandra Peterson

    I’m trying to reach Mark Ridenour. I am former employee and friend. Can you give me a email address? Sandra Peterson

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