Serving the Suffering in Thailand

There are times in the life of our ministry when I hear stories that bring a tear to my eye and joy to my heart.  This week was one of those times.

This past year there was terrible flooding in Thailand affecting hundreds of thousands of people and shutting down factories and even entire industries for a period of time.  The flooding took place from July through December and is estimated to have killed over 600 people and disrupted the lives of millions.

In the face of this massive tragedy, there is not much that one small group of people can do, but that did not deter our team in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  This team had recently seen God bless them with a new larger and better located bookstore and have been providing Christian resources from this new strategically placed outlet.  This past summer, a CLC USA intern, Scott Miller was privileged to serve with them.

When national tragedies like this occur, our teams will sometimes stop what they are doing and provide relief assistance for a period of time as was done in Myanmar after the Cyclone Nargis or in Indonesia ofter the Tsunami some years ago.  In this case, our team did not stop what they were doing in the store, but decided to help anyway.

Air Asia had agreed to ship aid down to Bangkok for free, and with Yongyut’s (the CLC Bookstore manager) good relationship with the governor of Bangkok, they were able to send ready-to-eat food packs down to the neediest areas.  CLC Chiang Mai had two different opportunities to send much needed food care packs down to Bangkok to help with the flood victims.  The first time, the team hired someone to cook and pack the food, and then they shipped it down by airplane.  The second time they cooked the food themselves, and packed it into 2,650 foam cartons and shipped it down to Bangkok to be eaten the same day.  To get this done in time, the team worked all night as the food was taken at 4:30AM.  The food was purchased by donated funds, and CLC was very grateful to all those who felt led to give for this relief effort.

One of the team members reflecting on this afterward said,

It is in times like these that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and we rejoice that He blessed us with the opportunity to serve in this way.”

Here are some pictures of their efforts:

Food being prepped.

Volunteers working together to get the food ready.

Paula, Yongyut’s wife, preparing food in the middle of the night

Team Leader, Yongyut, with the food on the way to Bangkok


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