Gateway to the Gospel

It is a testament to the creativity of our God that He uses so many means to draw people to himself.  I was reminded this week of the power of the Christian comic book as gateway to reading and the gospel.  As a child of the 1970’s, I devoured the Spire Christian Comic book series and remember wishing that there were more that I could read after I had finished all of the ones that I could get my hands on.  Without a doubt, I would not have read Run, Baby, RunThe Hiding Place or God’s Smuggler if I had not heard about Nicky Cruz, Corrie ten Boom and Brother Andrew in the pages of these compelling and colorful comic books.  More importantly, I may never have fully understood the power of the gospel to change lives, produce forgiveness and push us to take risks for God if I had not seen it in these books and then imagined how God could use me in similar ways.  They truly captured my heart and mind and were a powerful bridge to reading complete works of Christian literature that became the passion of my adult life.

This week, I attended the Retail Reboot conference in Orlando and discovered that a new company is bringing Christian comics to this generation.  Kingstone Media Group is producing high quality cinematic novels, graphic novels and comic books.  One of the artists for Kingstone used to work for Marvel comics and you can tell by the quality of the art work.  Art Ayris, the CEO and Founder of the company has deep passion to see young people impacted by the truth of the gospel in ways that are compelling and that will lead to a deeper desire to read God’s word and great Christian books.  He has certainly succeeded with this new venture that is expanding rapidly with both printed material and digital comics for the IPad and other devices.  He has even licensed these books into other languages and anticipates a big impact in Korea and Japan where young people are reading these kinds of books in huge numbers.

As I heard of the tragic death of David Wilkerson this week, (the courageous pastor, author of The Cross and the Switchblade and the founder of Teen Challenge), I was reminded of the impact of the life of one person lived fully for God.  What a blessing that he had the foresight to allow others to put his story into book and comic book form so that people would become aware of his story all over the world.  His story has now impacted generations of Christians and will certainly do so for many years to come.  I am sure that he would be thrilled to see Art and others taking up the mantle of making the stories of the Bible and of people that God is using come alive again in comic book form.  May God be glorified through the creativity of these graphic artists and authors as they reach young people today.  My prayer is that this next generation will once again experience the power of the written word presented in this appealing graphic format and develop a hunger for more.  What a powerful gateway to the message of the Gospel available in His written word and other amazing books.  I may even have to start reading comic books again myself.


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