Sheffield Summit

This week, I am in Sheffield, England for meetings at our International Office.  For those of you still reading my blog occasionally, I thought you might want to see some pictures from the trip.

Our trip to Sheffield included a trip on the train from Manchester with Gerardo Scalante – CLC Regional Director for the Americas

This picture was our attempt to take a picture of the Manchester United soccer stadium, which as it turns out was not visible in the picture and was actually the stadium for the Manchester City soccer team.

The trip to Sheffield was through the beautiful Hope valley in the Peak district on a wonderful sunny day.

With this much sun, England was starting to feel like an attractive place to visit.

After about an hour we reached a nicely remodeled Sheffield train station

As should I should have expected, we stopped for tea and coffee before even leaving the station.

Surprisingly, we also got to meet Edeltraud Heumman from CLC Austria who was at the station about to leave for London with her niece

Neil and Sheena’s wonderful house in Sheffield where we are staying.

The incredible Chatsworth Estate we visited on Tuesday afternoon so that we could go walking and stay awake.

Once again stopping for tea – this is becoming a habit already.

Sheep grazing on the Chatsworth Estate.

Neil opening the door at the International Office.

The International Office building in Sheffield.

Gary Chamberlin  – Regional Director for Europe, Gerardo Scalante  – Regional Director for the Americas, Neil Wardrope – International Director, Keith Beale – Finance Director for CLC USA

Brian Stevens – Finance Director for CLC UK, Phil Burnham – National Director for CLC UK, Herve Lessous – National Director for CLC France, Bernhard Kocke – Finance Director for CLC France

Neil, hard at work studying the new CLC Bible Companion.

A sign that seemed to be missing the letter I, but apparently means that this apartment is for rent.




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2 responses to “Sheffield Summit

  1. amanda

    Loving the photos! Haha about the To let sign. I’ve never looked at it quite that way before… 🙂 Will you please email me the people photos when you get a chance? Some of these faces are new to me and we should definitely have them in storage for the mag. Thanks!

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