Planning to Read

Recently I was in a funk and realized that I had not spent much time thinking about my reading habits.  Instead of spending quality time with authors that I love or want to learn from, I was reading way to0 many magazine articles and blogs or web based news items.  Like anything in life worth doing, being intentional about reading requires planning and preparation.  As a result, I prepared a list of books that I am looking forward to reading this Spring and I hope that this may inspire some of you as well.  Please comment on books that you are looking forward to reading this year.


1.  King’s Cross by Tim Keller – This book comes out on Tuesday and is Keller’s telling of the Jesus Story from the book of Mark in the way that only he can.  I have already started reading my advance copy and am loving it.



2.  Common Prayer by Shane Claiborne

Having really enjoyed Irresistible Revolution, I am looking forward to reading what the new monastic writers have to say about prayer.


3.  Slave by John MacArthur

I have not read anything by John MacArthur in a while and the thought of this deep thinker writing on the subject of what it really means to be a slave to Christ caught my attention


4.  One Life by Scott McKnight

McKnight is the writer of the Jesus Creed blog and this book is one that has been getting some buzz in the Christian blogosphere, so I am interested in seeing what all the buzz is about.


5.  The Next Story by Tim Challies

Tim is one of the most widely read and respected Christian bloggers today and this book is on a subject near to my heart – life after the digital explosion.


6.  Don’t Call it a Comeback by Kevin DeYoung

Kevin is one of the leading voices of the young reformed crowd these days who has written several acclaimed books already.  This book should be an interesting peek into the perspective of this group’s views of the church reaching a new generation with an old message.

7.  Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey

Harvey is pastor of a Sovereign Grace church in Pennsylvania and the title alone got me.  He seems to have different take on the idea of ambition and I am looking forward to seeing how he frames this issue from a biblical perspective.


8.  Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas 

This book was featured on the Glenn Beck program (not my cup of tea) and has been widely acclaimed in Christian circles.  It is my must read biography of the spring.


9.  Unconditional by Brian Zahnd

This is one that I know nothing about, but caught my attention as it is being widely promoted.  Anything on the subject of radical forgiveness should be worth a read.


10. Desiring the Kingdom – James K.A. Smith

This book on Christian worldview has been talked about a lot at my church recently.  I am looking forward to learning what cultural liturgies are as defined by Smith and how they impact us.




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  1. Marge

    We had lunch with Brice Bigham on Saturday at the Cracker Barrel. He is really growing in the Lord. I’m going to recommend the book, ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback’ to him. Keller’s newest book looks interesting! I think I’ll buy two copies and send one to Aunt Jan.

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