Scenes of the Season

So this week I was eating far more than my fair share”at the Thanksgiving meal, and it struck me that the thing I am most grateful for are the people God has put in my life. Some of the people in our lives God puts there for a lifetime; others are there for a season. In this time of change and growth in my life, I thought it would be good to stop and show you some of the people who are molding and shaping me at this stage in my journey. Before I do that, I should mention that this first picture is gratuitous proof that I did do some leaf-raking this year and that it is always more fun when others are involved.

The editorial team—Dave Fessenden, Laura Pollard, Becky English and me

My boys, Ken and Mike, up to some type of mischief—raking optional

Keith Beale, our director of finance and Davy Montgomery, our IT and graphics guru (both of whom are normally helping with technical situations beyond my comprehension—possibly even because I may have created some of them)

Jeanette Van Veldhuizen, our director of personnel, my executive assistant and the person who normally knows what’s really going on

Dianne Desch (staffing the CLC book table), my mother and Laura Pollard

A portion of the many donors and friends of CLC who recently attended our banquet

The dynamic duo—Laura Pollard and Becky English—making sure my writing sounds better every time they edit what I have been working on

Dave Fessenden, our senior editor, waiting for someone to ask what the “wascally wabbit” on his tie has to do with books

My two boys, still up to no good—still raking optional



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2 responses to “Scenes of the Season

  1. Marge

    Love the pictures! Wonderful Thanksgiving with our precious PA family!

  2. Keith

    We all have so much to be thankful for…. Lord; family; others…. and that is just the beginning, but a very good place to start, when you read you begin …opps, sorry, can’t get away from my musical background!

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