Faithful Presence

OK, so I chose the picture for this post as a shameful plug for my wife’s favorite animals on earth because it reminded me so much of our own cats when they were kittens and because it looked really cute.

Our cats seem to revel in the time they spend together and are virtually inseparable.  Even though they occasionally fight and fuss with each other, they often end up sleeping on the same mat.   They are always there for each other.

Something that God seems to be teaching me lately is the reality that much of what he wants from me in this walk here on earth is to simply be there for others.  This past week I have spent more time than normal with our team members and customers in our Center City Philadelphia store location and once again have seen the power of faithful presence as I described in my post last week. So many people come into our store just looking for a listening ear and a sympathetic heart.  One woman wanted to rehearse her upcoming Sunday school lesson with me – she just needed to know if it sounded right. Our team who is really short staffed right now simply needed help checking in inventory and moving boxes.

Jesus was an incredible relationship builder and so much of what he did was about being with people and meeting their needs, even the needs they did not know that they had.  As a leader, it is so easy for me to get caught up in strategic planning, event management, and endless meetings.  Somehow, I think that Jesus would not have had as many meetings as we do, unless they involved a meal or some kind of group activity like fishing.  I am all for more meals with people, but not so sure about the fishing.

As look at what God is calling me to do this year, I think it will be more about simply being with people and less about project management.  Being a type A personality, this will not be easy, but it is a path that God is leading me down one step at a time.


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