CLC Opens Its 5th Church Bookstore

Today was an exciting day for our ministry as we saw a long term goal come into reality.  For some time, we have been in discussions with the leadership team at Sharon Baptist Church about partnering together on the re-launch of their church bookstore.  After many months of planning and preparation led by our church store coordinator, Shirley Brockenborough, a dream came true.  What a blessing it was to work with Janice Hipps (the store manager) and her team in putting the finishing touches on the store this past week.  Many CLC team members including Philip Van Veldhuizen, Keith Beale, Davy Montgomery, Charlie Hurd, Kevin Walker, Linda Ridenour and my wife Deb were involved in various aspects of the preparation.  This was truly a team effort on everyone’s part and this store will certainly be a blessing to all who come through it’s doors.  A special thanks also goes to author Patricia Haley who participated in the opening as well.  Here are some pictures from the event:

Bishop Keith Reid with a Sharon Baptist member

Happy customers enjoying browsing a well stocked Bible wall.

Books back on the shelf again – praise the Lord.

Dayspring Christian greeting cards now available.

Lots of people in line after the first service.

Author Patricia Haley discussing her book with a church attendee.

Me with Tyler Harley, our main contact at Sharon.

Customers delighted to see the bookstore open again.

Shirley Brockenborough and Janice Hipps with the Sharon volunteers.

What a beautiful group of people to serve alongside.


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