Celebrating A Legacy of God’s Faithfulness

One of my favorite times in the life of our ministry each year is our annual conference.  This is a time when all our CLC USA team members come together for worship, inspiration, prayer, fellowship and renewal.  The event is almost always scheduled for April and coincides with the incredible beauty of the renewal that we see all around us in God’s world as so much that was dormant comes to life again.

This year our team had the privilege of celebrating some key milestones in the life of our ministry and our team.  Dick Brodhag, who has served with CLC for 36 years reached retirement even though he does not look a day over 59.  Kevin Walker, Keith Beale and Dave and Dianne Desch were accepted as voting members of our staff.  In addition, we welcomed Henrietta Hill as a new member (the precursor to becoming a voting staff member).  Each of these individuals has played an integral role in the growth and development of CLC over the past few years.  All of them are answers to prayer for very specific situations and needs that we have had for personnel.

Bill Almack sharing the story of how Dick Brodhag came into CLC to fill a vital role in the print shop even though he had never been a printer before and had to learn the role from scratch.  Dick will continue in CLC USA as a volunteer in the publishing  department.

Kevin Walker, CLC USA’s Marketing Coordinator being welcomed as a voting staff member.

Keith Beale, CLC USA’s Director of Finance being welcomed as voting staff member.

Dave Desch, CLC USA’s long awaited (and prayed for) maintenance man and Dianne Desch (serving in customer service) being welcomed as voting staff members.

Henrietta Hill, General Manager of the CLC Bookcenter in Moorestown, NJ being welcomed as a member of CLC USA.

Neil Wardrope, the International Director for CLC and our conference speaker fulfilling one of his many duties – tallying votes.


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