A Hidden Treasure

Finding a hidden treasure is a part of the adventure of being human.  As a child, I was always looking for that “undiscovered” place to build a fort or to hide from my friends.  The best treasures I ever found were usually cricket balls or marbles.  I once found a bag of marijuana, but was assured by the older kids that I was hanging out with that I should put it back – not that I had any idea what it actually was.

This weekend, my family and I rediscovered a hidden treasure here in Philadelphia.  Forbidden Drive is a walking, biking, horse riding path along the Wissahickon Creek that goes for miles.  It is located in Fairmount Park and is a oasis in the city for those who know about it.  My wife remarked that she could not believe that we were actually in the city as we walked along enjoying the view of the many waterfalls that cascaded into the creek.  Here are some pictures I took while enjoying the path.

Bikers enjoying the afternoon.

One of the many creeks that run into the Wissahickon

One of several waterfalls along the way.

Another small waterfall.

Plaques on benchs along the way are touching memorials to loved ones that have died.

The most beautiful sight on the path – my wife, Deb.

This covered bridge may be the only one located within the city limits of a major city in America.

A fisherman at the falls.

One of many carpets of flowers along the way.

Life out of death on Easter weekend – moss and flowers growing out of a dead tree.



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3 responses to “A Hidden Treasure

  1. Mom

    Wonderful pictures bringing back great memories. We used to walk this path nearly every Sunday with the girls and whatever dog we had at the time!

  2. Bill

    Dave you did a great job. You are a gifted writer- I’m proud of you!
    Your Dad

  3. Too bad we don’t live closer. Heather and I enjoy walking together on trails like that. We have enjoyed a restored canal towpath near Walnutport, PA.

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