Serving in the Rain

For a few moments this weekend, I began to imagine what the people in Noah’s time thought when the heaven’s opened up on them.  It was raining so hard that umbrellas were blown inside out and tree limbs seemed to be everywhere.  Fortunately, I was inside the Dolce Hotel in King of Prussia for most of the day on Saturday with the great folks from the Grand Old Gospel Fellowship.  This was the first gathering of this group of churches for a day of worship, teaching, fellowship and unity.  Founded by B. Sam Hart, it is now under the able leadership of  Pastor Tony Hart who is also an advisory board member for CLC USA.  I had the privilege of serving at the CLC book-table with my colleagues, Dave and Jacque Fessenden.  We had a lot of fun meeting old friends of our ministry and making new ones.  The surprise of the day for me was getting to hear the beautiful voice of Damaris Carbaugh and meeting her and her husband.  She is an accomplished vocalist in her own right and has also sung with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir on a number of occasions.  The highlight of the day was meeting, Edythe Davis, a long time fan of  the CLC Bookcenter in Moorestown, NJ, who shared just how much CLC and the team in Moorestown mean to her.  What a blessing to hear in person how we are making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Pastor Tony Hart, President of the Grand Old Gospel Fellowship.

Dave and Jacque Fessenden with Damaris Carbaugh

Darlene Ogun and Lynda Liverpool who helped organize and coordinate the events of the day.

Edythe Davis – a CLC fan


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