Celebrating the Light

I have not really paid much attention to light until recently.  I got a new digital camera for Christmas which I will be using to post pictures on this blog.  As I have discovered, getting the lighting right and making sure that the picture is in focus can make the difference between taking a great picture and simply taking a blurry mess.  At this time of year the angle of the sun produces some interesting patterns of reflection off of whatever it falls on.  Some things reflect the suns light better than others.

I think that I may have a mild case of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), probably the result of growing up so close to the equator for the first fifteen years of my life.  I love to get up on a bright sunny morning to see what God has for me that day and am tempted to hop back in bed and wait for that kind of day when it is dark and overcast during the winter.  All this pondering the subject of light got me thinking about my own reflection of a different kind of “sonlight”.

As a Christian I am supposed to be reflecting the light of Christ to those around me.  Sometimes I wonder what type of picture of Christ people are seeing as a result of my reflection.  Am I a crystal clear picture of his saving grace or a blurry image of a distorted truth?  Am I allowing people to see Jesus the way that I love to see the light of a new day or am I projecting an image that makes people want to look away and wish for a brighter day?  In thinking more about this, I realized that there are a few things I can do this year to reflect his light to others more effectively:

1.  Stay in focus – just like a great picture, I need to be in focus at all times.  For me this means that I need to commit to those disciplines that keep me focused on the truth, studying God’s word and listening to His still small voice in regular times of devotion.

2.  Keep the lens clean – so often pictures get distorted because there is dirt or dust on the camera lens – in this journey of faith, our lives become poor reflections of the truth of the gospel because of a lack of personal holiness.  I will seek to develop greater discernment about these potential pitfalls through a renewed commitment to significant  times of concentrated personal prayer.

3.  Becoming a more attractive picture of God’s transformative power by exhibiting more joy in my daily life though increased times of worship and deepening relationships with God’s people.  I have discovered that I am far more joyful when I experience life with other people committed to reflecting God’s glory as well.  Together we may go through difficult circumstances, but by choosing to worship rather than worry, we produce a far brighter and more attractive picture than any one of us would on our own.

I look forward to Celebrating the Light of God’s presence in my life in 2010 and pray that others will see some small glimpse of His glory as a result.



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2 responses to “Celebrating the Light

  1. Marge Almack

    Great blog! Wonderful pictures making me homesick. I’m reading a great book which if you haven’t already read, will help you with the suggestions you made – A PRAYING LIFE by Paul Miller. Love you, Mom

  2. Keith

    Nice analogy between picture taking and our spiritual lives.

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