Christmastime in the CLC Bookcenters

Gerardo Scalante (my boss) and I had fun this past week taking cookies to our team members in the CLC stores here in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Christmastime in our stores is like the playoffs for a major league team. All the preparation and hard work done months in advance culminate in these few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Each of our stores is unique in its location, customer base and product selection, and yet they are bound together by a common purpose. Every year at this time we seek to be beacons of light in a dark world, sharing the hope of the gospel vividly displayed through the birth of a little child in Bethlehem so many years ago.

Here are some pictures from our stores this year:

Center City Philadelphia on a cold morning

The front window had lots of interesting gift ideas and definitely drew attention from the street.

Jessica and Jonathon are ready to serve the many customers who come through the doors every day.

Even the kids’ department is ready for the season with its own little tree.

We then stopped at our store at First African Baptist Church, and Frances was a gracious host.

What a great Christmas-y endcap.

As usual, we were blown away by the layout and preparation at the Moorestown store. What a visual delight.

Henrietta (store manager), Patty and Phil are dedicated servants providing great service at this hectic time.

As we were leaving, more customers were streaming in, looking for that “right” present for Christmas this year.

Here’s one of the amazing Christmas displays in the window at Moorestown.

Our final stop was the Chestnut Hill store near our headquarters.

We were very impressed with the tower of Bibles that greeted us as we entered the store.

It was great to see the new kids’ play area that has been set up recently.

I couldn’t help browsing the CDs in our new fixture that was just donated to this store a few weeks ago.

Ultimately, all that we do is for and about our customers, who we love to see at this time of the year and all year round.

With everything so well prepared, hopefully people will not have to wait in line too long this year. What a blessing it is to serve the communities that God has placed us in.



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2 responses to “Christmastime in the CLC Bookcenters

  1. Marge Almack

    Great pictures, Dave. I’m sure the teams enjoyed Deb’s cookies too!

  2. Alice Leishman

    How colorful and attractive the shops have become.

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