Miracles In Myanmar

It’s not everyday that you get to spend time with a real life hero like those in the Bible.   Hebrews chapter 11 describes the biblical “Hall of Faith” and those people in the Bible who exhibited great faith in God at various times in their lives.  I am very fortunate that for the next couple of weeks, I will be spending time with my brother Jacob Mung who is the national director of  CLC’s work in Myanmar/ Burma.  Jacob is a real life hero of the faith for me. He has been in CLC for 18 years and has overseen the development of our work.  This work has been described by pastors in Myanmar as having changed the history of Christianity in that country.  Jacob and his team have translated and published over 140 Christian books into the Burmese language during these years.  (These books represent over half of all the Christian books in the Burmese language.)  In addition, they have developed a bookstore ministry and are the primary source for Christian literature in the country today.  The books that they have translated and published are critical reference works that have been vital to the growth of Bible colleges and seminaries.  This has been done despite incredible personal sacrifice and hardship in a country that is closed to the gospel influence from outside missionaries of any kind.  During the recent Cyclone Nargis tragedy where thousands lost their lives in 2008, Jacob and his wife Sandar were able to provide critical relief supplies in very remote parts of the country.  It is such a blessing and privilege for me to work alongside him in these endeavors.

2005 Jan India Myanmar 138Jacob with two new Christian books in Burmese “hot off the press”.

2005 Jan India Myanmar 140Myanmar is a Buddhist country with many beautiful temples.

2005 Jan India Myanmar 207Much of this country’s wealth resides in the gold on these temples.

2005 Jan India Myanmar 186The small but vibrant and active CLC bookshop in Myanmar.

2005 Jan India Myanmar 185A customer enjoying the wide variety of Christian materials now available in Burmese.

Various 315A jeep that the CLC USA team was able to help Jacob obtain through donations received on his behalf.  This jeep was used in the relief efforts after Cyclone Nargis.

Various 351A customer browsing through a copy of the Purpose Driven Life in Burmese.

2005 Jan India Myanmar 237The dedicated and sacrificial CLC team in Myanmar



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2 responses to “Miracles In Myanmar

  1. Dave,
    This is fascinating. I’d love to hear some of the testimonies of those who work the CLC bookcenter in Myanmar. I’m sure it would give me a new appreciation for how much I take for granted when I walk in the CLC in Chestnut Hill. Great pictures too. I love those temple photos. And, I concur with you that Jacob is in God’s Hall of Faith.

  2. Jennifer Young

    That’s great! I’ve been looking for christian books translated in Burmese for Burmese here in the US. Can I purchase the translated materials here in the US?

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