Enon’s Bread of Life Store Re-Launch with CLC USA

On Sunday, September 20, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2800 West Cheltenham Avenue, formally re-launched its Bread of Life Bookstore in partnership with CLC USA. This was a true team effort, with many CLC USA staff and Enon volunteers involved. It was an amazing launch Sunday with Patricia Haley, our guest author, who did a book signing for us in the store. There were many happy, smiling faces, especially mine.

PH 09-20-09 206-ResizedPatricia Haley, our very happy author, signing lots of books

PH 09-20-09 214-ResizedThe hundreds of people who came through really seemed pleased with what they found.

PH 09-20-09 212-ResizedThe dedicated volunteer staff under the leadership of store manager, Steven Mack

PH 09-20-09 219-ResizedEven kids were getting into the act as they found things they liked.

PH 09-20-09 223-ResizedWhat a blessing to see the shelves well stocked again with relevant material.

PH 09-20-09 210-ResizedMe with Shirley Brockenborough (CLC’s church store coordinator) and two happy Enon members

PH 09-20-09 215-ResizedThough the lines were long, they moved quickly and customers were patient.

PH 09-20-09 216-ResizedIt was great to see the “Bible and Reference” section full again.

PH 09-20-09 220-ResizedShirley and I standing in amazement at all that God has done



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3 responses to “Enon’s Bread of Life Store Re-Launch with CLC USA

  1. Mom

    Great pictures Dave. Praise God for this ‘new’ store. Another ‘lighthouse’ for Phila. We pray that many will find our Lord Jesus Christ – the Light of the World!

  2. Becky

    Great to see pics of the new store. It’s beautiful! I’m sure it will be a blessing to the people at Enon.

  3. Beulah Martin

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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