Broken to Bless

Broken to Be Blessed 009-Resized When I first started this blog, I committed to telling the story of my life and how God is leading and teaching me. This past weekend seemed like a never-ending stream of difficult events, and I wondered what God was doing in my life. In general, I am an optomist, but the events of the last couple of days challenged even my rosy outlook on life.

On Friday afternoon, we had a brief but very intense rain storm with high winds. During the storm a large tree branch fell on our car—yeah the new “miracle” car that we had been given earlier this year (see my post about this miracle in March). My first reaction was, There goes any resale value for this vehicle. Then I realized that no one was in the car when the branch fell and none of the windows on the car were broken. More importantly, it runs fine and the trunk still opens and closes.

God wasn’t done yet. We had been having problems all summer with water coming into our basement after particularly heavy rain storms. On Saturday night it rained cats and dogs, and a few other mammals as well. We started seeing water in our laundry room and began mopping and wet-vaccing right away. Then, to my alarm, water began to appear out of nowhere in the other two rooms in the basement and was puddling quickly. Our friend Dave came over and assessed the situation, determining that we had water coming up under the foundation. How encouraging. Then two more of our friends came over and decided that to really get to the root of the problem, they needed to see precisely where the water was coming from and that required removing some of our drywall.

Broken to Be Blessed 013-Resized

In the middle of this situation, my mom called and said that she needed to talk. I had my son talk to my mom to see if it was an urgent situation, and she said that it was. As you can imagine, I was wondering what could be more urgent that the hole in my wall or the water in my basement.

My pastor from my teenage years had just died. The man who impacted me more than anyone else in those crazy preteen and teen years had just gone home to be with the Lord. God had my attention.

Then we went to church this morning and heard a sermon on God’s plan and great desire to bless us. I sat there wondering what other tragedy God was planning to prove that He really wanted to “bless” me. As usual, my focus was on me and not God. As I sat there and listened to the sermon, I was convicted on a deep level that I did not really understand blessing at all. God sent His only Son into the world to die a horrific death on a cross in order to bless me. I experienced a few problems over the weekend, and I behaved like the people of Israel wanting to go back to Egypt.

I am still an optimist and do not look forward to learning through problems and tragedy. Somehow, though, God showed me this weekend that the path to blessing winds through a place called brokenness.



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4 responses to “Broken to Bless

  1. Jim Pitman

    Great article, Dave!

  2. You’re a good writer, Dave. Very well put.

    • Marge Almack

      Dave, this is a wonderful insight into what God is doing in your life. We are saddened by the damage to your car and basement, but happy at how God is using these circumstances to grow you and deepen your walk with Him. I love you, Mom

  3. Jeanette

    Dave, I heard a pastor recently preach on Psalm 23. He mentioned that when the psalmist says “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. . .” the word follow can be , and in most cases in the old testament is, translated “pursue” as in “pursue to harm physically.” The speaker’s conclusion is that God’s goodness and mercy does sometimes involve physical distress. But, the great promise is that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

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