Denver Doings

I have just returned from the annual International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) that was held in Denver this year. Though the number of attendees at the show was down significantly again this year (as much as 20%), the atmosphere was different than last year. It seemed to me that last year there was a lot of doom and gloom in the air, and this year, the remnant that attended seemed very focused and ready to tackle the challenges in front of them. With the lack of attendees and vendors, we were able to spend more quality time in each of our appointments. I had prayed in advance that our team would have many divine appointments, and I believe God answered my prayer. There were 20 CLCers from all over the world at ICRS, and many doors were opened for future ministry with key vendors. All our international attendees commented on the overwhelmingly positive reception they received by suppliers when they mentioned that they worked with CLC. I have included some highlight photos below.

ICRS Denver 2009 002-Resized

Denver was a great city for the convention, and the weather was beautiful all week.

ICRS Denver 2009 003-Resized

The large blue bear peeking into the convention center is a landmark in Denver and quite impressive the first time you see it.

ICRS Denver 2009 006-Resized

Neil Wardrope (CLC International Director from Sheffield, England), Christopher Robert (National Director of CLC India), Gary Chamberlin (Regional Director of CLC Europe) and Jusu-Wai Sawi (National Director of CLC Sierra Leone) enjoying a moment together on the first day

ICRS Denver 2009 010-Resized

As has been our practise, we kicked off the week with a CLC meeting for fellowship and prayer on Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful time together. Thank you, Dave Peacock, for translating the meeting into Spanish for Elsa Maria.

ICRS Denver 2009 016-Resized

Charlie and I are at the booth, ready for people to stop by. Our booth was smaller this year, but just as effective.

ICRS Denver 2009 019-Resized

Jim Pitman ready to go home at the end of a productive week

ICRS Denver 2009 022-Resized

Eurel Hodge (CLC Antigua) and Davis Laudat (CLC Dominica)

ICRS Denver 2009 023-Resized

Romualdo Macinas (National Director for CLC Philippines/Regional Director for CLC Asia)

ICRS Denver 2009 026-Resized

Chris Magee (Wholesale for CLC UK) and Christopher Robert quite happy after making good contacts all week long

ICRS Denver 2009 027-Resized

Lawrence James, our publishing partner in Malaysia

ICRS Denver 2009 028-Resized

Neil Wardrope hard at work getting the best deals possible for CLC International

ICRS Denver 2009 030-Resized

Robbie Halstead (former CLCer) drumming up business for his new consulting firm, Kingdom Retail Solutions

ICRS Denver 2009 034-Resized

David Scouler (CLC Australia) smiling all week long at the great deals being offered

ICRS Denver 2009 036-Resized

The main reason we go to ICRS is to see the smiling faces of our friends like Claire Efird. She is from the Salt Shaker Christian Book store in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she partners with us in making great deeper-life Christian books more widely available here in the USA.



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2 responses to “Denver Doings

  1. Wendy Entwistle

    Thanks for sharing news/pictures from the show..Great to hear encouraging news for CLC this week..Though retired, I have fond memories of ICRS..and was praying earnestly for a great week for you all! God is faithful!!

    • Mom

      Great pictures, Dave! It almost felt like we were there! Great memories! So glad the Lord answered prayer with good contacts!

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