A Summer Evening on the Hill

This has been a particularly cool, rainy and now beautiful summer on the hill. The hill (properly known as Camp Hill) is the property in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, jointly owned by WEC International and CLC USA, where I and many of our missionary families live. Recently I took some pictures of new developments and typical scenes on the hill. I have always loved the summer season, and I really think God has outdone Himself this year.

Summer Evening 006-Resized

Flowers that I used to think were weeds, which my wife refused to let me mow down—now I know why.

Summer Evening 008-Resized

With all the rain we have had, flowers are sprouting up everywhere.

Summer Evening 013-Resized

My wife’s ambitious garden/ flower project is now in full bloom.

Summer Evening 014-Resized

Dave and Jacque Fessenden on their evening stroll enjoying the extra hours of evening sun

Summer Evening 018-Resized

Creative signage—this would make a great book cover.

Summer Evening 022-Resized

Yes this really is a scene on the hill—outdoor camping, anyone?

Summer Evening 023-Resized

A “beary” interesting new development on the hill. Quite lifelike, actually.

Summer Evening 024-Resized

One of the most common activities on the hill—finding a wireless signal

Summer Evening 028-Resized

Growing vegetables on the hill takes ingenuity, determination and a big fence to keep out the critters.



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2 responses to “A Summer Evening on the Hill

  1. Becky

    I like this post! Good job capturing sights around the hill. I have a picture of that interesting stop sign too!

  2. Mom

    You’re making me ‘home sick’ Dave. Wonderful pictures – wonderful memories!! Mom

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