Terrific Time in Tampa

My wife, Deb, and I had the privilege of visiting the Munce Group and celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary (June 10th) in beautiful Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.  The Munce Group provides the consumer catalogs for the CLC Bookcenters and very generously agreed to pay for the trip.  Bob Munce was actually in New York on the 10th with his wife as he has the same wedding anniversary date as Deb and I and decided to go north to celebrate.  One interesting thing that we learned on this trip is that Bob is the grandson of Grace Livingston Hill.  We had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary, spending some relaxing time on the beach and having meetings with the Munce Group.

Tampa trip 002-Resized

My beautiful bride and best friend Deb

Tampa trip 006-Resized

Our first view of the ocean – the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico

Tampa trip 010-Resized

Nothing like a little sunshine and sea breeze to make me smile

Tampa trip 014-Resized

The Munce Group building

Tampa trip 017-Resized

Sue Brewer and Danielle Woods

Tampa trip 018-Resized

Kirk Blank holding down the fort while Bob is gone

Tampa trip 020-Resized

Gorgeous wild flowers at the beach

Tampa trip 026-Resized

Somebody’s lunch about to be eaten

Tampa trip 029-Resized

Nothing like leaving the beach to make me pout



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3 responses to “Terrific Time in Tampa

  1. Mom

    I’m so glad you and your beautiful bride had such a great time!

  2. Good blog Dave. Love the pout! Don’t bring it back to CLC!

  3. Becky

    You are becoming quite the proficient and humourous blogger! Glad you had a fun trip. 🙂

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