Family Fun Day in Moorestown

This past Saturday, June 6th, the CLC Moorestown team hosted their first ever Family Fun Day.  It was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who attended. Praise the Lord for great weather as it had been raining heavily in the days leading up to the event and was overcast on Saturday morning.  Many people were involved in putting on this event, but a special note of thanks goes to Frank Falzone (store manager), Patty Maranon and Karen DiDinato for organizing key aspects of the event.  Many people heard the message of the gospel in various forms – puppets, musicians, choirs, speakers, authors, Christian literature, etc.  on this wonderful day.

Family Fun Day 037-Resized

The event was held in the parking lot on a beautiful afternoon

Family Fun Day 038-Resized

Creative use was made of the flatbed of a truck for staging and puppet shows

Family Fun Day 039-Resized

A moonbounce was available to the children’s delight

Family Fun Day 040-Resized

Philip Van Veldhuizen and his dad, Jim, engaged in friendly competition.

Family Fun Day 042-Resized

Chuck Jennings showing me how it’s done after I missed two of three baskets.

Family Fun Day 043-Resized

Patty Maranon modeling her preferred new CLC Saturday uniform, balloons and all.

Family Fun Day 046-Resized

By mid afternoon, many people had come out to the event.

Family Fun Day 050-Resized

A kid’s choir brought the message of the gospel through song

Family Fun Day 052-Resized

Apparently nobody had more fun than Micah Pitman and Jonah Montgomery


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One response to “Family Fun Day in Moorestown

  1. jacque

    Wish we could have been there. Looks like everyone had a “blast” (as they used to say back in the day).

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