A Conference to Remember

CLC USA’s annual conference is always a highlight of my year.  We just completed the three day conference that began on Sunday night with a public event at Glenside Bible Church.  Monday and Tuesday’s sessions were held at the CLC USA headquarters campus in Fort Washington in 90+ degree weather.  Despite the heat outside, the Lord really blessed our time together.  The messages from our speaker, Chris Shaw from Argentina, were right on target and our prayer times were vibrant and personal.  A new feature of our conference this year was small group prayer breakout sessions that proved to be times of bonding and fellowship as well as concerted prayer.   It always amazes me how God is building and growing our ministry.  We have a very diverse team these days – black, white, young, old, retired, and volunteers – all to the glory of God.


Renewing friendships and making new ones in the fellowship hall at Glenside Bible Church


Dave Peacock (long term CLC missionary to Colombia) with Pastor John Kless


Our conference speaker, Christopher Shaw


Conference attendees sitting at rapt attention – yes that is my father wearing shorts (what would the founders think?).


Dave Peacock in the never ending search for a wireless connection


Great food to feed the hungry hordes


Ray Oram (one of CLC’s oldest living retirees in the USA) still sharing his passion.


Chris Shaw properly attired in his new CLC shirt


Enjoying small group prayer time in the garden


What an amazing team God has given us


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  1. jacque

    Dave, you’re really doing well on these posts! It was a good conference. This may seem strange to say, but there was more of a missions emphasis this year. In previous years it seemed more retail or publishing oriented, but missions covers us all, more or less, and we can all get excited by it. I think the youngsters really caught a vision for missions, and Dave and I are excited to think there might be some short term mission opportunities in the future.

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