A Day In My Life

Today was a particularly busy day, but also representative of how busy things have been lately.  This morning we had a CLC work day at our headquarters campus.  My family and I have the great privilege of living on the mission campus of our ministry and really enjoy living in this unique community.  This afternoon, I helped out at our CLC bookcenter in Chestnut Hill while we had a book signing with one of our new authors, Larry Dixon.  This evening, we had dinner with the Montgomerys – a new family that has joined our ministry as missionaries and recently moved to Pennsylvania from Texas.  Life is full and fun.


What a surprise to find me painting at the work day (I painted for two summers in High School)


Dave Desch – CLC’s maintenance guy and a huge answer to prayer. (Ready for a heat wave)


Mark Ridenour hard at work on the same day. (Just a little colder outside I guess)


Becky wishing she had not taught me so much about including photos in this blog


It really is spring in PA even though we still have leaves everywhere.


It can get a little “bananas” around CLC before our annual conference (always held in April each year)


Kevin Walker helping a customer in the Chestnut Hill store.


Our author, Larry Dixon being interviewed by Kevin Walker.


Working as a front liner once again – lots of great memories.


Dionne and Jennifer hoping this photo will not be on the blog.


Dave and Melody Montgomery creating a human sandwich with their son Jonah.


Our miracle car that got us safely from Idaho to PA last week.



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2 responses to “A Day In My Life

  1. Becky

    Good job on the post, Dave, even if you are turning the tables on me and taking my photo for your blog. You were definitely the winner on capturing this day on “film.” You are becoming a master blogger. 🙂

  2. Jeanette

    No surprise that as a frontliner in Chestnut Hill, you are posing with the Pepsi machine!!!!

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