The Adventure of a Lifetime

Deb and I just got back from a six day cross country journey from Idaho to Pennsylvania.  We were driving behind an early spring storm for most of the way.  This meant that we saw a lot more snow in March than I have seen in many years.  We are praising the Lord for safe travel and that we were given the car by our generous donor, Gordon Monus.


Deb and I with our friend and donor Gordon Monus


A bright sunny day in Oregon at the beginning of the trip


10 minutes later things got a little dicey or should I say icey?


Then the most terrifying hour of my year so far


Am I ever going to make it off this mountain Lord?


Half and hour later


The amazing mountains in southern Idaho mentioned in my last post


Is it possible that there is snow in Utah in spring too?


And Wyoming?


Is anything flat out here or less than 5,000 feet?


Apparently these are buttes pronounced with a long u.  Pretty cool – huh?


The first successful picture of a state sign after several previous tries.


The Indianapolis Colts new stadium – we took this one for our boys.


Only one more state to go.


Oh that’s right – 11 miles in West Virginia first.


Our first sign of PA – PTL!!!!



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4 responses to “The Adventure of a Lifetime

  1. Becky

    Great job on the pictures!! I’m impressed. You actually got quite good at capturing state welcome signs once you got the hang of it! And you’re right—those mountains in Idaho are awesome. What was your favorite state? The most interesting scenery? Your trip sounds like quite the adventure—I’m glad you made it back safely. 🙂

  2. jacque

    Ditto Becky’s comment. The pictures are great. Good job Deb! You really captured the blizzard. We used to have sideways snow in western NY all the time since it was so flat. Glad you are back safe and sound.

  3. jacque

    Come on, Dave, how can I live vicariously through your blog if you are not updating it?

  4. A. Strudwick

    I am trying to locate Gordon Monus re my uncle’s will. I came across your blog and found his name mentioned. I need to know his current address so my lawyer can send a letter to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    A. Strudwick

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