The still small voice in the snow

My wife and I are on a cross country trip driving a donated 2000 Toyota Camry from Idaho to Pennsylvania where we live.  What a trip this has been so far.  We left Coeur d’Alene,  drove west and then south and then east to avoid bad weather, particularly snow.  After a long day of driving, the sun was going down around 8PM and we were just about to pass the town of Burley.   Deb and I began to think  that maybe we weren’t going to make our destination for the night in Ogden, Utah.   It was getting colder and beginning to flurry.  God was trying to get our attention.

Unfortunately, we do not always listen to God as carefully as we should.  Deb and I drove on for another 40 miles hoping to make it to Ogden.  At that point, God decided to get our attention a little more clearly – it began to snow sideways.  Being from Pennsylvania, I hadn’t seen snow like that, at least not recently.  We pulled off at the next exit to the only building in sight and asked how far the nearest hotel was.  Hearing that our choices were 70 miles ahead over a mountain pass or forty miles back to Burley, we turned around.  Astonishingly, the snow stopped almost as soon as we got on the road and cleared up the closer we got to Burley.  I guess God was pleased that we listened.

So here we are – still in Burley waiting for the snow to leave Utah and Wyoming.  This afternoon, we discovered one of the reasons that God wanted our attention.  Driving down main street, we were startled to see the biggest and most beautiful mountain range that we have seen on the trip so far.  With the darkness and snow last night, we didn’t even know it was there.

How often in my life it seems that God has to make it snow sideways before I pay attention.  Maybe, I’ll listen better the next time it begins to flurry in the dark.



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2 responses to “The still small voice in the snow

  1. jacque

    This will be an anniversary trip you won’t forget! Think of your trip as a metaphor for your marriage-ups and downs–sometimes turning around, sometimes stopping and re-evaluating, but when all is said and done, moving forward together. Happy trails to you.

  2. Becky

    Hope you’re having fun and enjoying the new scenery, despite the delays. 🙂

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