Road Trip Extra

We just got back to Philly after being on the road for over 12 hours.  Several people recommended that we eat at a place called the Pancake Pantry while we were in Gatlinburg.  We decided to give it a try before we left this morning.  It was amazing and well worth our time.  I did not even know you could do things with pancakes that they offered on the menu.  I highly recommend it if you ever get to Gatlinburg.  I also thought I would post a couple of extra pictures from the trip today.  Please take a look at Becky’s blog – for more pictures of our trip today.


We met Santa in Gatlinburg where he was attending a convention.


Eating the best pancakes ever before getting on the road.


Becky’s Peach Crepes


Outside the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg – well worth your time.


On the way to PA



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2 responses to “Road Trip Extra

  1. Becky

    Yes, those peach crepes were delicious!! Are you going to blog your other trips?

  2. jacque

    What I think is funny is that out of 30 varieties of pancakes you had buttermilk! The sweet potato pancakes were yummy!

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