Road Trip, Day Eight

Today we travelled six hours to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  It was a beautiful drive through the mountains of  western North Carolina and part of the Smoky Mountain National Forest.  We came to meet Ken Jenkins, the co-author of our new book, Expert Lifemanship.  His art gallery is located on the main street in Gatlinburg and had quite a variety of amazing nature and animal photos.  This will be my last blog post on this trip as we will be traveling home tomorrow.  I will do a blog post again in a few days.


The North American headquarters of Trans World Radio


The Streeters who are the caretakers of the TWR Lodge and showed us wonderful hospitality


Welcome to Tennessee, our eighth state in eight days.


Entering the Smoky Mountain National Park


Amazing views on our way into Gatlinburg


Does every town in America have a Hard Rock Cafe?


Creeks and streams are everywhere in this town.


Inside Ken Jenkins Gallery


Outside Ken Jenkins Gallery


The gang with Ken Jenkins


We have seen many unique churches on this trip.


I thought I would end on a note of beauty and thankfulness for all that God has done on this trip.


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