Road Trip, Day Six

Today we visited Christ Covenant Church in Shelby, NC where the Ensley family attend (former CLC missionaries).  The people of the church were very welcoming and even invited us to stay for a covered dish lunch (other wise known as a pot luck).  In the evening we had dinner with one of our authors Alice Cullinan who has written the book Time for a Check Up. After dinner we had the pleasure of visiting with the entire Ensley family who are grieving over the home going of Regina’s mom, Mimi, this past Saturday.   It was great to visit with them – boy have the girls grown.  After spending time fellowshipping, we were also able to pray with them.


I believe the blurry nature of this photo is due to the angel in the middle – Samantha Ensley.


Christ Covenant was a warm and welcoming church – I guess we arrived a little early.


Even coffee shops are closed on Sunday in Shelby – sorry Becky.


Apparently, nothing will stop Becky in the pursuit of coffee.


Every town that we have visited has had a distinctive water tower including Shelby.


Discussing book ideas with Alice and her friend.


The gang with Alice


Even the cars have a denominational affiliation in Shelby.


Us with the Ensley family at Mimi’s house.


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