Road Trip, Day Five

We spent the day driving from Albany, GA to Fountain Inn, SC to be at a youth conference with Clayton King.  We got to the event right at 6PM when everything was getting started and were amazed at the number of kids who had come to the event – over 1100 kids and youth group leaders.  Clayton’s presentation of the gospel was very much like a modern day Billy Graham.  It was direct, simple and effective.  To God’s glory, I had the privilege of watching over 80 kids give their life to the Lord for the first time.  I have never seen anything like it and was so thrilled to be a small part of Clayton’s ministry.


Jacque is already out of breath and the trip has just started


Which way do we go – let’s ask Jane (the voice on the GPS)


Aren’t you glad that we found the place where success lives.


The youth event was held in a converted grocery store that a local church has re-named Oasis.


Youth groups had come from all over South Carolina.


Clayton with his two boys Jacob and Joseph


Somebodys up to something.


Kids and youth leaders stood in line patiently to get the Chick-fil-A meal (otherwise known as “the Christian chicken” down here).


The place was packed – virtually every seat was taken.


Clayton did not pull any punches in presenting the gospel.


Afterward, Clayton sold and signed quite a number of copies of his new book.


The tired gang with Clayton and his boys.


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