Road Trip, Day Four

We spent our day today with Debbie Toole (Admin. Assistant to Michael Catt), Stephanie Bennett (Research Assistant to Michael Catt) and Rob Martin (Store Manager of the Source Bookstore at Sherwood).  After our meeting in the morning, they gave us a great tour of the Sherwood Campus, took us to lunch and then took us to the new sports park they are building for the community.


It is always great to meet people face to face that you have talked to and e-mailed over the years.


Yes, Becky, that really is a full-sized Alaskan wolf over Michael Catt’s desk.


Apparently Reflections on the Gospels by Vance Havner is selling even faster than Fireproof Your Life at the Source Bookstore.


Our team with the Sherwood team


What a great church bookstore


The precursor to Sherwood Pictures where Alex Kendrick still hangs out


The 130-foot cross on the sports park campus that Sherwood is building


An amazing place that God has given Sherwood so they can bless the Albany community


These are pecan trees we discovered that are in groves all over Albany029-resized1

No trip to the south would be complete without a trip to Piggly Wiggly.


Ryan and Stephanie Bennett


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