Road Trip, Day Three

We began our day early and were on the road to Georgia by 8:10AM.  It took us about 6.25 hours to get to Albany including pit stops to buy desperately needed sunglasses – the sun was nearly blinding at points.  Our meeting with Jim McBride was excellent and lasted for several hours.  We learned about his background before joining Sherwood, including his owning his own carnival stand at age nine and a stint as a professional wrestler.  His passion for Christian books is incredible – see his library below.


CLC’s new office furniture in SC – obviously designed to save money.  Keith should be proud.


Georgia was on our minds.


Lots of housing options down south


Apparently nothing was allowed to be taller than the church in this town.


Finally Becky took control – to her delight and glee.


This would have been a great picture if we had rolled the window down.


The center of the Christian movie and publishing world these days.


A sign of how Sherwood has grown.  I am standing in the largest church foyer that I have ever been in.


The coolest office I have ever been in that could practically double as a Christian library.


Jim McBride with original copies of  the first three books Warren Wiersbe ever published.


Me with Jim giving him an award plaque for Michael Catt celebrating the sale of over 40,000 copies of Fireproof Your Life in six months.


Sherwood’s prayer tower that is open 24/7 with people assigned to pray.


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  1. Keith

    Dave, yes, I like that new furniture. I can arrange to have all our offices use a side coffee table and small chair! Keith

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